Seth Robinson was born in Seattle, Washington, in the same year as Nirvana’s Nevermind. At age four, his family moved to Australia, beginning a short nomadic stint that planted a third-culture kid seed of identity in their eldest son, and would eventually see them end up in Canberra. Me Cancun EditedThe next move came much later, as an adult, when Seth relocated to Melbourne for post-grad study. Melbourne has seduced him completely, and he’s dangerously close to fully descending into the inferno of hipsterdom.

Seth’s first writing job was as a freelance music journalist. These pieces can be found if you scour the far reaches of the internet, but the real perks for this gig came in the form of free tickets and early album streams. Free things have been a major feature of Seth’s career to date. Previous jobs include working for the local radio station, where he drove the prize truck, and a stint as a projectionist, where he indulged in lots of free movies.

Now, Seth works as a writer and ‘Content Coordinator’ (we’re still working out just what that means) for the University of Melbourne. You can see some of this 9-5 work on their Newsroom. By night, he finds time for creative work in between Netflix binges, reading time, and trips to gigs/the movies (which he regretfully now pays for).

Some of that creative work is here, other, longer pieces are in various stages of completion, and will hopefully be out in the world soon.