Future Storytellers

“When we have AI that’s able to write a good story, that’s it. That’s when humanity is done. We’ll officially be obsolete. Of course, Elon Musk is really invested in AI at the moment, and if anyone can do it, it’s that guy.”   The above snippet came a conversation with one of my colleagues [...]


I made up this word to help me express a fear I never knew I had.   I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly literary writer. This wasn’t an intentional decision, much the opposite. Being literary seemed like a more intentional choice to me. It felt like it was an active decision to wrestle [...]

Living Statues

The idea of ‘authenticity’ was something we talked about a lot in my undergrad anthropology classes. As it was a class full of millennials, most of this discussion focused on social media, our digital selves, and travel, particularly backpackers, who were often considered to be travelling with this idea of authenticity as a major part [...]

My first bite of the Big Apple

Arriving in New York felt a lot like going back to sleep after hitting the snooze button. It was a return to a dreamscape I’ve seen before; in movies and photographs. I’ve heard about it in songs, and I’ve read about it in novels. The landmarks have the same familiar sense as the things I’d [...]

We bought Yankees hats in San Francisco

When I was four years old, my family emigrated from the United States to Australia. My migrant story is quite a privileged one, my father was a skilled migrant, so we arrived as permanent residents and became dual-citizens not long after.   Compared to most Australian immigrants, this journey was almost too easy, however, that [...]