Dear Author 65*

Dear Author,   Thank you so much for submitting your query and pages to me.   Thanks for sending me your query.   Thank you for your query.   Thank you again for the opportunity to consider your manuscript and for your patience in awaiting our response.   I wish we could offer a more [...]

The Last Days of Johnny Doe

Jonathan James Doe and his unfortunate name were born on the 16th of June, 1990; an oversight resulting from an absentee father and a teenage mother who had never heard the term before. It was a quirk that went largely unnoticed; until a social worker was sent to investigate what was thought to be a [...]

Magnum Optus

I was in no way justified in the blistering rage I felt towards the man on the other side of the computer screen – Avery, the hybrid chatbot-human. I was aware that my frustration was the result of a very first-world problem, the inconvenience I’d felt over the last three weeks paled in comparison to the [...]